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Head Fashion Stylist
A School of Fashion and Arts (SOFA) graduate who has worked with the industry’s top creative talents and agencies for over 5 years. Altaire has a keen eye for detail, minimalism, modern taste and intense metier plays to her advantage.


Head Fashion Stylist & Fashion Designer
A Slims Fashion and Arts School graduate, Archie has been involved in stage, film and ad production industry for over 14 years. Known for his extensive technical knowledge, He has an eye for classic, functional and timeless styles.


Fashion Designer & Fashion Stylist
A Slims Fashion and Arts School graduate, dodley loves sports and fashion. He believes that style is all about being adaptive and finding the right mix. He loves spicing up colors and prints while combining them with classic and timeless touches.


Fashion Stylist & Fashion Entrepreneur
A UST graduate, Kate believes that "Fashion is an extension of our daily life. It is through fashion that one gives the first impression.” Her love for Parisian fashion shows her eye for simple yet classic pieces that she wears daily. As a busy woman, neutrals are her go-to palette as it portrays elegance and sophistication.


Blogger & Fashion Stylist
A UST graduate, Louisse loves the minimalist, trendy yet clean look. Her signature style is a mix of basic and structured pieces that screams modern comfort.


Fashion Stylist, Writer, Film Photographer, and Stage Manager.
A CSB graduate, Macy is fearless with her fashion choices. She lives for bold and unique pieces as an everyday celebration for the freedom of self-expression. Her goal is to help people feel confident and empowered with their bodies through fashion.


Architect, Fashion Designer and Fashion Stylist

A Slims Fashion and Arts School graduate, Mia is a designer with a penchant for polished looks, a play of colors. She loves a touch of accessories that expresses her love for simplicity, elegance and beauty.