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Fashion Stylist & Makeup Artist
A graduate of SoFa Design Institute and University of Santo Tomas, Amanda puts her earnest time into expressing herself through performing  arts like dancing and theatre. She always desires  for novelty when it comes to fashion -- always aiming to redefine her previous style.


Fashion Stylist
A DLSU & SOFA alumna whose style is classic yet modern & minimalist chic.


Head Fashion Stylist & Fashion Designer
A Slims Fashion and Arts School graduate, Archie has been involved in stage, film and ad production industry for over 14 years. Known for his extensive technical knowledge, He has an eye for classic, functional and timeless styles.


Fashion Stylist & Makeup Artist
A graduate of Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Charm adores street style and loves to experiment with edgy and upcoming  trends in fashion. At the same time, she is into the dainty and classic looks which she sometimes fuse with urban-inspired pieces to create an individual style that is truly hers.


Fashion Stylist & Makeup Artist

A graduate of Fine Arts and Design at the Philippine Women's University.

To Claudia, every style has its abiding influence. It's just a matter of trends at a different time.

Loves the classic vibe that defines individuality.



Fashion Stylist
Having studies at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Krisha then pursued her passion in Fashion by learning its fundamentals and gain experience on fashion styling through working in Publishing, Advertisments and Film. Her keen style specifically centers on timeless and seamless pieces that mirror what she's passionate about in her life.