About SiP

How does it work?

Personal Styling

First, take your Style Profile Quiz at www.stylistinpocket.com/quiz so we can properly match you with a stylist. Then you can choose between two options:

1. SIP HOME VISIT: A team of stylists will bring racks of styled outfits, on your specified date and time, to your home. You can fit the clothes, and even ask for fashion advice from your stylist. There’s no obligation to buy but we accept cash or credit card for items you would love to purchase. Available only in Metro Manila and in some parts of Central Luzon and CALABARZON.

Your personal stylist will get in contact with you for additional requests or preferences. After 5-7 business days, you can view your online fitting room in your own account at www.stylistinpocket.com filled. Pick and purchase the items you love and we can ship it to anywhere in the Philippines.

Corporate Styling We have three main services for our corporate styling:

1. CORPORATE WORKSHOP AND STYLING – We educate employees using power dressing modules, after which we hold individual styling workshops for employees.

2. CORPORATE UNIFORMS – We are trusted by numerous local and multinational companies for all their custom uniform manufacturing and coordination needs.

3. CORPROATE GIFTS AND GIVEAWAYS – We provide unique and beautiful corporate gifts, and they are customizable to client’s needs. Interested?

Interested? Send us an e-mail at corpdiv@stylistinpocket.com for your dedicated account manager.

Is there a service fee?

No, our styling service is free! Since we believe that everyone deserves a stylist, you only pay for the clothes you choose.

Are there hidden fees?

No, our whole styling service is free. No hidden fees.

How much are the clothes?

Clothes range from P1000-P8,000 depending on the item and brand. All clothes are priced the same as suggested retail prices in stores.

Who are your Stylists?

We have a team of seasoned in-house Stylists. You can check www.stylistinpocket.com/stylists to view your Stylists’ profiles.

Do you have plus size clothing?

Yes, we cater to men and women of all sizes. Currently, our sizes can reach up to 6X for ladies, and 2XL for men. Your Stylist is dedicated to finding items that best fit your specific needs and preferences.

How do you find out my sizes or clothing needs?

By completing the 3-min. quiz, we can find what you need. Plus, the more you inform us about your style; the more we’re able to curate outfits that fit your taste.

What sizes do you cater?

From XS to 5XL, we have it all.

Do you have children’s wear?

Yes, we have children's brands serving newborns to teens. We can style your kids with you during your Home Visit!

How do I create an account?

Simply click the Get Started button on top of your screen and complete a 3-min Style Profile Quiz to meet your stylist.

How do I get in contact with my stylist?

As soon as you sign up you get an e-mail from your stylist! You can reply to that e-mail or contact them via chat.

Can I make my friend get styled?

Yes, you can send them the Gift of Style. Instructions and payment are found at Gift of Style.

Who owns and operates SIP? Is it owned by the brands represented?

SIP is owned by foreign and local investors. The brands carried are our many partners.

What is a Personal Shopper?

Experience an exclusive shopping experience with your dedicated personal shopper. Shop at any store or mall with your personal stylist to guide you to products and services curated to your needs and desires. Interested? send us an e-mail at info@stylistinpocket.com

Online Styling

What brands do you carry?

For SIP Online Styling, we have a wide selection of brands with more variety of price points.

Can I do an Online Styling in my Area?

SiP Online Styling service can cater and ship to all areas nationwide.

When can I see my online Fitting Room?

It takes our stylists 1-5 business days to create a fitting room for you.

How can I view my online Fitting Room?

Just log in your account at www.stylistinpocket.com and select the FITTING ROOM tab found on the upper left corner.

What Payment methods do you accept?

SiP Online Styling, we accept Cash On Delivery, bank deposit, or Paypal (credit card).

Do you have a return or exchange option?

Yes, we have a return or exchange option, available for the first 7 working days after you receive your purchase. For returns, items must be in good condition (same as the state you got the item, with original tags, no stains or stretches) simply let us know and we will arrange a pickup date for your item, if applicable. For valid exchanges, we will credit the full amount of the item to your e-wallet. Your points will be used on your next purchase.

When can I see my online Fitting Room?

After you sign up, it takes our stylists 1-5 business days to create a fitting room for you.

What is an e-wallet?

An e-wallet contains your unused credits and can be used before check out. Learn the step by step process at https://stylistinpocket.com/guide/ewallet

What to do if my item goes out of stock?

Items are quick to sell out at times. We will return the full amount of the item to your e-wallet. Your points can be used on your next purchase

If I choose Online Styling, can I try the items first before purchasing?

No, you have to purchase the items first before they can be shipped. You can try our Home Visit service (within Metro Manila) instead if you want to fit the clothes before purchasing.

Home Styling

What brands do you carry?

For SIP Home Visit, some of our partner brands are Giordano Ladies, Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Burton Menswear, Warehouse, Kingsmen, Details, 22BC Gowns, Freeway, Ensembles, Gingersnaps/Just G, Butterfly Twists, Petit Bateau and Weave. Note: Some brands available for Online Styling may not be available for Home Visit, and vice versa.

Can I do a Home Visit in my Area?

SiP Home Visit service is only available in Metro Manila and in some parts of Central Luzon and CALABARZON at the moment.

Can I bring my family or friends to my home visit?

Yes! We highly recommend it, please let us know call/text: (0917) 651-0018 or email at: info@stylistinpocket.com, if someone will be joining the styling party!

How many clothes do you bring on home visits?

A team of stylists will bring several racks of clothes, close to 50-100 pcs depending on your requests and number of people in the visit.

What do you bring to home visits?

Aside from racks filled with clothes, we also bring a full size mirror!

What if I’m looking for a specific outfit – for travel or corporate?

Let us know chat, call/text: (0917) 651-0018 or email at: info@stylistinpocket.com and we will do our best to give you what you need.

Can I see an online preview of the clothes for Home Visit?

No, we don’t have the online preview feature yet for Home Visit. This feature is only for Online Styling.

If I switch from Online Styling to Home Visit, can you bring the items in my online Fitting Room to

Not all items seen in your Fitting Room can be brought to the Home Visit. Some brands are only available for Online Styling. We have different partner brands for Online Styling and Home Visit.

What Payment methods do you accept?

For SiP Home Visit, we accept cash, credit/debit cards and check (case to case basis).

What if I want to reschedule my appointment?

You can send us a chat at our website, call/text: (0917) 651-0018 or email at: info@stylistinpocket.com and let us know one to 3 day before the schedule.

How can I repeat my home visit?

Yes, You can log in your account and select repeat styling on the top. Or you can call/text: (0917) 651-0018 or email at: info@stylistinpocket.com. The more you do repeat visits and inform us about your style; the better we get at curating outfits for you.


Can you style my whole company?

Yes, just send us an e-mail at corporate@stylistinpocket.com.