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Corporate Styling

Power Dressing 101

First impression makes difference.

Dress better, get better results

Dress for the job you want, not what you have

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We can customize our service in many ways

  • as reward to top employees

  • installment/salary deduction on purchases

  • corporate styling for mid to top level executives

  • uniforms for rank & file and above

  • sessions & workshops catered to different needs of client

Here are some of the
we've catered to:

  • Fast-moving Consumer Goods

  • Real Estate

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction/Engineering

  • Banking

  • Government

  • Accounting Firms

  • Law Firms

Challenges of Corporations

  • Gradual dressing down of employees

  • Lack of professional dressing among team members

  • No knowledge of different types of corporate attire

  • Employees who do not follow company attire guidelines

  • Improving the presentation and performance of client-facing team

How can we help

Smart Dressing Modules

To educate and style your teams for FREE

Expanded Modules
  • Dressing 101
  • Do’s & Dont’s
  • Corporate Etiquette
  • Image Development

For long term solution, other customized
modules may be provided by SiP.

Uniform Supplier

Workwear designs fit to your needs and budget.

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