Finding the right outfit for your body type is such a daunting task, and curvy women sometimes have a hard time finding the right clothes for them. Check out these styling tips to help you accentuate your curves.

1. Don't Be Afraid to Show Some Skin

Create an illusion of a slimmer and longer upper body by sporting a V-neckline. Exposing some bit of skin up top will shift the focal point from your midsection.

2. Opt for Pointed-Toe Heels

Pair up your outfit with a pointed-toe stiletto to make your legs look slimmer.

3. Choose Simple and Plain Slacks

Display a slender outline by choosing bootcut and straight leg pants such as slacks. A streamlined pair of pants is always a good choice.

4. Don a Coat Over Pants

Neutralize your excess curves by putting on a coat with fresh straight lines and narrow lapels.

5. Choose the Right Fabrics

Make sure that the fabrics you choose aren't "flat" because they don't add volume. Opt for silk, denim, fleece gabardine or cotton instead.

6. Stick With One Hue

Look taller and slimmer with a pair of top and bottom of similar shading.

7. Match Your Shoe Color to Your Leg

Make your tones stretch towards your base half to elongate your figure.

8. Wear Your Hair Off Your Face

Draw out your bone structure and make your face look thinner by putting up your hair in an updo.

The way you choose to dress is an extension of your individuality. Feel comfortable and confident about yourself by choosing the right outfits. Our one-of-a-kind styling experience helps people find their best individual style for free. Contact us at (0917) 651-0018.


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