With lots of unprecedented turn of events, 2020 is surely a tough one to beat; but it’s certainly not a year we would want to experience again!

This new year comes with a new normaland for style aficionados like you and me—new colors of the year! Before 2020 ended, Pantone released Ultimate Gray and Illuminating as 2021’s official colors; and described them as “a marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.”

Ultimate Gray is an emblem of a solid foundation and resilience, while Illuminating radiates hope that everything is going to get brighter—the perfect way to set the mood for 2021! 

This year, it’s time to break out of those Classic Blue fits and start dressing up and gearing up for a brand new year.

The Power of Clothes

Did you know: you have the power to dictate your mood for the rest of your day? Choosing the right clothes could affect your mood and attitude towards people, so it’s best that you start planning your looks ahead of time!

The combination of an enduring Ultimate Gray and a vibrant yellow Illuminating encapsulates the mood you want to set before you get one with your day, especially if you’re having a bunch of meetings for work!
Boss Babe
Client Brunch
Work from Home
Casual Friday
For companies that opt their employees to wear uniforms, you could still sport OOTD's like these by incorporating these styles to your uniforms! As a uniform supplier here in the Philippines, Stylist in Pocket can surely help you out. Just send us a message at info@stylistinpocket.com