Cliche as it may sound, if you're confident, empowered and you "own it," you'll always look great.

It's a study that's easy to get on board with, but one that isn't always the easiest to live by. Everyday stressors can trigger some of your insecurities, and this can leave you feeling downright inadequate.


Fashion, style, and high self-esteem are linked very closely together, and the way you present yourself can make a true difference in how you are perceived.

Here are some #EmpoweredWomen tips on how to make that difference!



(1) Well-Chosen Outfit

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As a busy woman juggling a tight schedule, knowing your outfit of the day not only flatters you, but helps you look confident helps power through the day.

You might have that stressful meeting coming up, but you can look like so put-together and it’s difficult to resist the urge to sway your hips just a little, to walk with that confidence in your step, to smile and have the feeling that you look polished.



(2) When In Doubt, Go With Power Suits |


A staple in business world, suits are sleek, polished, and surefire way to feel like a powerful, unstoppable woman who’s about to take over the (corporate) world.  

And the most important thing? Underneath it all, you’ve got that powerful confidence that’s making you feel even better, that’s making you completely aware of how good you look and how much you love every last bit of yourself.

Have a good selection of the basic colors – elegant black and white, add in some pastels to mix it up!

Not only do they look sleek, with the evolving fashion trend, you can even pair them with your favorite sneakers and rock them on weekends! Nifty, huh?


(3) Get ‘Em Lashes On Fleek!


Whether you’re getting ready to go out or need something subtle for the office, match your makeup with your outfit to complete your look!

Whether it may be your nude lipstick for an important client meeting, your favorite red lippie for a more daring adventure, or even just getting your brows fixed, it is always a pick-me-upper to know you are ready for any battle we are heading into.


Whatever it is, let your outfit speak for you. Let your glowing personality and style show, and wear it all with confidence –  you’ll look impressively professional, attractive, and as  Pia Wurtzbach would say it, confidently beautiful!

We’re as one in the celebration of International Women’s Month and we want you to know that you consciously built supportive and loving communities as well as advocating change for the world! You go, girl!