Father’s Day is just around the corner. Maybe your father worked so hard to give you everything you need, or maybe he stayed at home with you to take care of you. No matter what kind of a had he is, he definitely deserves appreciation and Father’s Day is the perfect time for that! We understand though that it may be more challenging to give gift to someone who already has everything, so we made these four pointers to help you decide what to give to the best dad in the world.

Something Practical

Fathers appreciate gifts that are very useful. Do they drive? Do the use gadgets? Is his wallet getting worn out? Try to know the material things that he might urgently need. He will definitely appreciate it no matter how big or simple it is.

Something Tasty

As the saying goes, “The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Treat your father to his favourite restaurant to satisfy his cravings. Is he into seafood? Is he a coffee shop guy? Or does he miss his childhood streetfood favorites? Not only will you make his tummy happy, you also made quality time!

Something that Interests Him

s he into music? Does he love basketball? Is he into carpentry or electric works? Is he into motorsports? Does he love reading books? Is he a Star Wars fan? Test how much you know your dad by looking for a gift that matches his interests. He will be glad to know that you actually know what he loves to do!

Something Personalized

“It’s the thought that counts.” If you want to invest more thought on your gift, create something personalized like a car keychain with his name on it, a small clay sculpture version of him, or a laptop bag with his initials embroidered. This will surely put a small on his face!

Something Intangible

For some, experiences are more unforgettable than material things. If you’re father is this type, then go plan a surprise for him. You can treat him to his favorite basketball team’s game, give him tickets to a tourist destination, or you can even organize a big party for him!

Something Stylish

When it comes to fashion, guys give big importance to comfort and fit. It is best to know his accurate sizes on shoes and garments so you won’t need to have it exchanged in the store in case you bought the wrong size. Better yet, book a home visit from us and we got your father’s fashion needs covered! Not only did you give him something stylish, you also gave him a premium experience, just like what he deserves!