The vaccine rollout has officially started. Last March 1, 2021, the Philippines welcomed the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines. This sets off the country’s ambitious effort to the inoculation of at least 50 million people by the end of the year.
Since this is all fairly new to us Filipinos, we are still short on information and instructions on what to do upon receiving the first dose of the vaccinemore so how to prepare for it.  
To answer your questions, we’ve come up with a summary of the information we’ve collected upon researching for proper preparations, what to expect, and how to stay adherent to the safety protocols when getting the vaccine. 
While we are aware that health practitioners are placed first in line to get inoculated, it’s still best to make yourself informed when the time comes. 

2 Weeks Before

Get educated with scientific data from CDC. Ask others about their experiences to get mentally prepared.

1 Week Before

Check for symptoms. You are not allowed to go to vaccination sites if you’re positive of COVID-19 or have been exposed.

5 Days Before

Stay at home. Going out means risking the possibility of being in exposed to to the virus.

3 Days Before

Dink lots of water and avoid drinking alcohol. Staying hydrated before the vaccine will contribute to your well-being.

1 Day Before

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Being well-rested helps immune system work to its fullest potential

On the Day Itself 

Have a full meal and drink water. Don’t go to your appointment hungry or thirsty.

After the Vaccine

Observe your body’s reaction to the vaccine.