1. The Turtleneck Sweater.
In case your scarf is going around your lap and your plane blanket is going behind your back, you'll appreciate some extra warmth by way of a higher neckline. You can snuggle into it when you're deep into hour five of your movie binge, but this kind of structured neck keeps you looking polished when you disembark, too.
2. The Slip-On Shoe.
No one wants to be the person who holds everyone up in the security line with pesky laces or thigh-hugging boots that just won't come off. Keep things simple and efficient with a chic pair of flats you can slip on and off with ease.
3. The Compression Legging.
Not just for your grandparents, a good legging that really sucks things in is going to help you to keep swelling at bay. Medical-grade ones mean serious business, but jogging leggings and performance legwear will help, too.
4. The Fashion Hoodie.
With a slim fit, a substantial hood, and materials not typically found in high school locker rooms, the fashion hoodie is appropriate for everyday wear, and still looks put-together as long as you're not pairing it with sweats.
5. The Midi Skirt.
A longer-length full skirt is basically an invitation to curl your legs up inside. Look for a skirt in a heavy, natural materials like suede or thick jersey.