Being new to the company means you still have a lot to prove about yourself. All eyes are still on you: your new co-workers, your supervisors, the top management, and the clients. As much as it is exciting, it can also be scary, and part of making a good impression is wearing the right outfit. Just like in your job interview, people can make judgements about you based on what you wear and it will take you a few days to weeks to make people get to know the real you. So to avoid any misconceptions, we give you this guide to help you choose your first week of wardrobe.

We understand that that there are various types of dress codes which usually depend on the type of company and its culture. We divided our outfit suggestions into three groups of companies. The common ground though is to put your best foot forward while trying to fit in the culture. You want to look impressive yet approachable regardless of the type of the job.

A. Start-ups and On-the-Go Jobs

Start-ups, with some having no permanent office yet, usually don’t put much attention on dress codes. The same goes for some companies who spend most of their time in fieldwork. Despite such laid-back culture, it doesn’t excuse you from wearing a good outfit on your first day. Go for business casual. For women, wear a nice blouse and a pair of nice pants like culottes, and wear closed shoes. For men, wear a descent collared shirt and pants, plus neutral-collared sneakers or boat shoes.

B. Marketing, Media and Fashion

These types of companies usually require employees to look presentable yet interesting because they deal with people: clients, customers, and the mass. Some impose dress codes while others don’t. To be safe, for the ladies, invest in classy dresses like sheath or shift dress, or a jumpsuit. You can accessorize but don’t overdo it. For the gents, have a good number of buttondown tops in short or long sleeves and nice shoes. Level up the outfit with a nice jacket.

C. The Serious Jobs

These companies require a professional officewear look. They have strict dress codes so make sure your wardrobe looks modest. For the ladies, you can wear your blazer on the first day. Save your blouses for the next days. A pencil skirt is good to pair with your blazer. Otherwise, wear nice fitting pants. For the gents, you can also wear a blazer, or you can opt for a long sleeve buttondown with matching necktie.