When it comes to airport style, wearing the comfiest ensemble is key. Sure, a sweater, your favorite jogger pants, and sneakers is the ultimate get-on-the-plane-and-doze-off outfit. But if you want to take your airport game up a notch, there’s nothing wrong with planning a look that’s both comfy and chic.

So whether you’re taking a trip to the beach this summer or you’re headed somewhere cold, these 5 stylish stars offer travel inspiration from turtlenecks to sneakers.

Megan Young Airport Style

Megan Young

Go the monochromatic route a la Megan Young for that effortless and sophisticated look. Just add a touch of color like a brown bag. P.s. she wore those culottes straight to the beach!

Pia Wurtzbach Airport Style

Pia Wurtzbach

There’s nothing like a cozy turtleneck sweater and a pair of furry loafers to get you ready for a long flight ahead. Add dark sunglasses to for a cool touch that can easily hide those jet-lagged eyes. Thanks for the tip Pia Wurtzbach!

Mari Jasmine Airport Style

Mari Jasmine

If you’re traveling somewhere cold, head to the airport with a nice coat and boots to keep your outfit fashionable and practical. Here, Mari Jasmine wears a pair of long socks in a different color for an added touch of personality and warmth.

Erich Gonzales Airport Style

Erich Gonzales

Slip into your favorite tee, shorts, and sneakers, then add a nice jacket to complete the outfit. We love how Erich Gonzales chose a blazer that can instantly elevate her casual look.

Isabelle Daza Airport Style

Isabelle Daza

If your travel uniform consists of the usual T-shirt and jeans combo, add a stylish pair of flats to keep it interesting. And in Isabelle Daza’s case—a cap to disguise slept-on hair after the flight. Smart!