Lockdowns all around the world are being imposed once again because of the constant rise of cases of COVID-19. The best way for us to help curb the spread of the virus is to remain at home. 
Being in this situation for more than a year, we Filipinos have found different ways to make use of our time at home. Not being able to leave our doorstep 24/7, most of us feel unproductive for not making use of the extra time on our hands. 
Like everyone else, we craved for new one-off events that we could spend with our friends (who also probably can’t stand to just grin and bear it!)
With our newfound fascination with the virtual world, the things we enjoyed before are now just one click away! No need to step out of your house to participate in these virtual activities!

Attend a Webinar

Connecting to a seminar virtually from any place in the world has never been this easy. Make sure to always make time to broaden your knowledge and learn from professionals through business webinars.

Organize a Virtual Wine Night

Friends can’t come over because of new restrictions? Stay connected during quarantine and spend some quality time together by organizing your usual wine night, now via Zoom. 

Have a Netflix Viewing Party

Sync up your Netflix account with your friends’ via Google Chrome. This feature lets you stream a movie at the exact time! You can also chat with them while you’re watching along. 

Attend Virtual Yoga Classes

Yoga not only increases flexibility, but it also improves circulatory health and promotes better breathing patterns. If you can’t make it to the studio, try attending virtual yoga classes instead.  

Attend a K-Beauty Online Class

Cyoung Park, a makeup artist based in Seoul is conducting 90-minute classes that cover steps of Korean skin care and makeup. Use your downtime to learn some skin tips and tricks from a real K-beauty expert.