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Summer is just about to end, but doesn’t stop some of us from exploring the outdoors. You may have booked a flight for June to September because it’s cheaper and the beach resorts are dropping prices because it’s lean season. You can still enjoy your travel amidst the rain to make your money’s worth, but it is best to take note of these important notes:

Prioritize Safety

That’s a no brainer. Make sure your trip will not compromise your safety. It’s very rainy and you have to through a cliff-side winding road, you might want to cancel it. Monitor the weather by tuning in to the news or install a weather app on your phone so you can make smart decisions.

Pack the Essentials

For light travellers, a foldable umbrella and a shawl can come in handy. Flashlights and whistles are also essentials for emergency situations. However if you have the luxury of bring a lot of baggage, better pack your coats, boots, extra socks, and emergency food in case of sudden extreme weather conditions. Ziploc your gadgets if they aren’t waterproof. Investing in water-resistant backpacks are also advisable for adventure-seekers.

Choose Rain-friendly Destinations

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Go to places where you’re also going to get wet anyway. We suggest visiting waterfalls in Laguna and Surigao, subterranean pools in Sagada and Quirino, and water rafting and kayaking like Cagayan and Saranggani. Just do good research and you’ll find your perfect rainy-season destination!

Take Advantage of The Season

As much as it can be pretty hassle, there are still a lot of good things about the rainy season. As mentioned, there are fewer people in the beaches and flights and accommodations are cheaper. For photography hobbyists, now is your chance to take dramatic photos.

Consider the Indoors

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There are a lot of indoor activities than can serve as substitute to your cancelled trips. You can go to museums (like the newly opened National Museum of Natural History), and indoor parks like wall climbing and giant aquariums. Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Be Sunnier Than The Weather

No matter how bad the weather, maintaining a positive disposition can still save the trip. As long as you had good company or was able to explore a new place alone, you were able to make a memorable experience.