The authentic fashionista is one who can dress up anytime, anywhere — including the airport. This summer when travel photos are all over social media, we’re sure you don’t want to get snapped a photo at the airport while you’re in your lazy day get-up. Dressing up for air travel can be tricky especially because you have to go through a lot of walking — looking for your boarding gate, multiple inspections, long hours of sitting down waiting for the plane, and of course, the duration of the flight. Here are some outfits for your next flight.

Comfort is Key

Going for air travel takes time. You need to be at the airport ideally 3 hours before the flight for the check-in plus your actual travel time. Make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit because you’ll wear it for a long time. Cotton shirts and comfy pants can be your go-to. Check if you can move freely so you can carry all your bags, and if you’re good to walk around the airport.

Your footwear is crucial to your outfit. Make sure your shoes are extra comfortable and easy to wear and remove for the inspection. We advise that you wear socks so you won’t need to go barefoot beneath the detector.

Changing Temperatures

Airports and airplanes can be really cool, and then your destination can be sunny. Your airport outfit should adapt to this set-up. Your key pieces for this would be scarves/shawls, cardigans, zip-up jackets and sweaters. They are all comfortable, will keep you warm, and are easy to wear and remove. You can wear coats as long as they aren’t too bulky and does not crumple easily.

No to Metals

Avoid metal jewelry and accessories so you won’t have a problem during inspection. The metal detector will definitely sound off when you’re wearing them so it’ll save you a lot of time if you don’t have them in the first place. Sunglasses are okay because they can be placed in your bag. You might also need them when you want to take a peak at the clouds.

Compact Hand Carry

We know you will be needing some basics at the airport that won’t be in your check-in baggage. You will have your boarding pass, passport, wallet with your valid IDs, extra cash and your vanity kit. Make sure your bag is big enough to carry these but small enough so you can move freely. Sling bags and hand bags are ideal.