Travel Tips: How To Keep Your Travel Bag Light

Al Raig

Overpacking is the biggest mistake people make when they travel. Why? Because all that extra baggage weighs you down and impedes your journey. Travelling light makes the trip less stressful, more enjoyable and more productive because you have less to think about, less to lose and more time to enjoy. Here are 5 ways to help you start travelling light.

1. Lightweight Luggage

Lugging heavy, overstuffed bags into and out of planes, trains, automobiles and baggage carousels is tiring. Not to mention, many airlines charge quite a bit for overweight bags. Lightweight luggage will definitely help save on extra weight and cost.

2. A Checklist

Having a travel packing checklist helps a lot in last-minute packing. It guides and reminds you what you need to bring. Also! With this, you’ll already know beforehand if you’re about to overpack or underpack.

If you’re travelling with a group, you can even ask your friends to create an individual duty checklist. One will pack sleep necessities, another will pack medicine necessities and etc. as to not double pack the same items. I mean who needs 3 hair dryers?

3. Best Scenario

Women is general would pack for the worst possible scenario ending up not even wearing half of their luggage throughout the entire trip. How about trying to pack for the best scenario for once? In case you didn’t bring an item you suddenly need, I bet you are most likely be able to find a solution easily than trying to pack all the “just-in-case” items in your luggage.

4. Color Coordinated Clothing

Lay your clothes on top of your bed or on the floor, side by side in rows. See if the colors and textures play and blend well together. Remove those that don’t work with at least two clothes.

5. One Week’s Worth

No matter how long your trip is, pack one week’s worth of clothes only. When you come up with a plan of outfit options for a week, you’ll be pretty much set for your trip by repeating the pieces for the duration of your trip. Just make sure the clothes complement with the other pieces so you can have different looks with the same packed pieces. Plan to do laundry each week.

Still having worries in travelling light? Luckily we have Stylists that can help ensure that your packing it light but heavy on the style.