Is your time always in short supply? Make the most of this precious resource with online tools for the office that can help you generate new ideas, collaborate more effectively and, even, track your time-wasting activities. (We’re talking about you, Facebook updates.) Here, three apps for better time management at the office.


1. RescueTime

Wondering where all your time goes? Or, if you’re using your time wisely? RescueTime can help. This time management app is designed for desktop computers and records the amount of time you spend on each activity—from balancing your bank accounts and updating spreadsheets to checking Instagram and watching kitten videos on YouTube. The app keeps a running tally, then creates a comprehensive report on how you’re using your computer; it features easy-to-understand graphs and tables showing exactly how you’ve used your time and where. What’s more, RescueTime even highlights the most productive days of your week. The app is free, but there's also a paid version to help to keep you on task: For instance, you can set it to block certain websites for a specific amount of time, such as Facebook or YouTube. (But, don't worry, it’s still possible check these sites in case of a “social emergency.”)


2. Nutcache

Nutcache helps you manage and save time by allowing you to organize your tasks efficiently and collaboratively. You can manage projects be it  by location, resources, project phase and team member with your preferred methodology. In addition, Nutcache allows you to create professional-looking invoices and estimates and automatically send them to clients. The software also tracks overdue invoices and generates recurring invoices from scratch or an existing invoice. Additionally, Nutcache’s Time Logger app allows you to log work hours for your team or contractors from anywhere, at anytime. 


3. MindNode

Facilitate brainstorming, while arranging information visually. This app organizes your concepts and tasks into a 'mind map,' a visual representation of your ideas, via large pictorial networks mirroring the way your brain works. As a result, you can easily spot connections and insert new ideas. You begin by writing your overall goal on MindNode’s 'infinite canvas.' This allows you to make notes, add connections, split out smaller ideas and cross-connect ideas, too. What’s more, the MindNode 'infinite canvas' grows automatically, so that you never run out of room on-screen when exploring possibilities.