In light of the unprecedented health crisis now known as COVID-19, the Philippines as a nation is now undergoing a transitional phase into the new normal - with social distancing at its core.
Importance of PPEs
As testing kits become available, the number of COVID-19 cases continue to climb as well. Precisely because of this fact, that both frontliners and private citizens needed to put greater emphasis on personal protection and how they can further prevent the spread of the viral infection. This prompted the rise in demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), not only in a national scale, but on the global horizon.
PPEs include items such as hazmat suits, surgical gowns, gloves (nitrile, vinyl and latex materials), KN95 face masks, washable masks, 3-ply surgical masks, face shields (acetate, acrylic hard plastic and bucket hat with plastic shield), safety goggles and booties.
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To help address the needs of thousands of Filipinos whose lives are affected by this pandemic, Stylist in Pocket started producing top-of-the-line PPEs that will enable our frontliners, as well as various organizations and private citizens, to easily acquire these items for their own personal use.  Each PPE serves an integral role, as each item is assigned to a different part of the body, in the overall prevention of the virus from infiltrating the body.
Importance of wearing PPE on each body part:
Function of PPEs for each body part


The virus is transmitted through the passageways of the nose, eyes, and mouth, which makes it imperative that these areas be shielded first and foremost. Protective equipment to cover these areas include KN95 face masks, washable masks, 3-ply surgical masks, face shields (acetate, acrylic hard plastic and bucket hat with plastic shield), and safety goggles. These are often used in areas with a high viral presence, such as hospitals. However, these can also be used for going to establishments that offer essential services - supermarkets, pharmacies, banks - as we can never be too sure who around us may be a COVID-19 carrier.


While It is highly important to wash your hands with clean water and antibacterial soap as often as possible, and altogether avoid touching the facial area, further preventive measures to protect our hands go a long way. Using gloves made from nitrile, vinyl and latex materials is a proven effective way to protect from direct contamination.


While is it vitally important to protect your face and hands, your body protection must also receive an equal amount of high-quality protection. Especially our health workers who are bravely fighting this pandemic in high-risk environments. Hazmat suits and surgical gowns do just the job in protecting the wider area of your body.


While we protect ourselves, we should also try to protect the people around us. Prevent the unwanted spread of the virus by the proper disposal your used PPEs with these steps.