The Right Swimwear for Your Body Shape

Al Raig

It’s that time of the year again when beaches, resorts and pools are filled with people. I bet you have planned one for yourself, or with family and/friends, too! Regardless, buying the right swimwear for your body shape is a key to a great summer. Here’s a list of tips to know which type of swimwear flatters you most.

1.) Pear Shape

Your bottom is curvaceous while your top is bit more petite. Your hips are wider than your shoulder. Choose swimwear that will emphasize your upper body, and draw out attention from your bottoms. Try tops with frills or fridges, and/ in bolder and brighter colors. Halter can also help accentuate your bust. Remember to keep your bottoms neutral!

2.) Apple Shape

Your top is bigger than your bottom. You have a fuller breast, slim waist, lean legs but with extra weight on your midsection. Tone down your tops to highlight your bottoms. How? Do the complete opposite tips for pear-shaped bodies - sport tops that have thick straps to help give the illusion of a narrower shoulder. Go for neutral and plain tops, and bright and/ patterned bottoms. Avoid wearing halter tops, bandeaus and billowy swimsuits!

3.) Hourglass Shape

You have a well-proportioned top and bottom, and a narrow waist. All you need to look for in a swimwear are support and coverage. Try v-necks and halter neck tops to elongate your neck. Avoid string tops and boy shorts as these will not flatter your body.

4.) Rectangle Shape

Your shoulder, waist and bottom have almost the same width. Your aim now is to create an illusion of a bigger top and bottom. Make sure to invest in bright and vibrant, and patterned / frill swimwear. Wear halter-neck, triangle bikini top to break the straight contour of your body. Avoid wearing plain bandeaus as well as plain swimsuits, especially with no padding.

If you've tried shopping on your own and still can't find anything that works, let us help you! We are more than happy to further guide you with the right swimwear for your body shape. Simply book a Home Visit with your FREE personal Stylist today!