Let’s face it: we are already in the new normal.
Amidst the worldwide lockdown caused by the coronavirus, we are all striving to redefine our daily lives. Change can be very challenging, and almost everyone has started to feel the mental and emotional weight of these trying times. 
Our way of life has taken an unprecedented shift, and most of us are still struggling to adjust. But the best thing that we can do right now is accept our new reality, and start letting go of our old normal. Time to settle with working from home, social distancing and facemasks—the new normal. 

Focusing on self-care

In these times when we are faced with fear and uncertainty, stress and worry have become a normal reaction. There is no doubt that these threats on health, finances and the like have had a huge impact on our mental health. Almost everyone can agree that it has been so overwhelming, and has caused strong emotions that eventually affected our ability to perform daily tasks and taking care of our families.

Practice your self-care routine

During these uncertain times, it’s totally understandable to feel anxious and stressed, but it could also be your go-signal to take time away from everything and just try to focus on yourself and your well-being. 
Now is the perfect time to start recognizing your mental and emotional needs. You may jumpstart your daily self-care routine with these simple steps:

Get active

  • It’s always a good idea to get up and active when you’re feeling down and demotivated. Regular exercise releases serotonin, which is an important brain chemical that essentially improves your mood and overall sense of well-being. It’s also a great tool to combat stress, relieve anxiety and boost your immune system. Win-win!

Take a break from news and social media

  • Constant news updates on the situation outside are hard to avoid and can be really overwhelming. It’s always okay to take a step back and leave your phone for a bit to free your mind from your worries, and spend some time finding a new hobby. You’ll realize that doing this can also feel very peaceful yet empowering. 

Start a new hobby

  • Ever felt like you’ve been putting off stuff because you’ve been too caught up with stress? Now is the perfect time to start learning that new hobby! You can try baking, knitting or even vlogging—just find your best creative outlet.

Find your green thumb

  • This lockdown has caused everyone to search for ways to fill the void. Aside from the newfound hobbies we just mentioned, you could also try your hand at planting—it’s one of the healthiest hobbies you can have anyway.


  • A good night’s rest has been found to be good for your physical and mental health. Not only does it keep your immune system strong, but it can also help improve your overall mood. Starting this self-care routine means beginning to reset your sleeping schedule and not lose a wink of sleep. 
Always remember: poor physical health can be detrimental to your psychological well-being. Similarly, poor mental health can also increase the risks of some health conditions. This calls us to acknowledge that mental health is indeed just as important as physical health.

Acceptance: How to Handle Stress

As we mentioned, living in uncertainty can take an emotional toll, and it has been increasingly overwhelming for the rest of us. Stress has mainly taken over how we spend our days, and it could affect a lot more than our emotions—it could cause difficulty in concentrating, change in sleeping patterns and even change in diet.
While these are all understandable—considering we’re in the face of a significant challenge—the only way to get through this new normal is by coping with it. Handling stress in a healthy way will definitely make you stronger, mentally and physically. Here are just some tips on how you could manage stress during a lockdown:

Practice breathing exercises

  • Take a moment to observe how your body feels. Your breathing can actually affect your entire body. Relax and reduce tension by trying out different breathing exercises. Deep breathing can also be an amazing way to lower stress and calm down your mind.  

Change your mindset

  • Instead of saying “I am stuck inside,” start saying “I can finally focus on myself!” Sometimes, the way we deal with things depends on what kind of mindset we approach them with. Take time to refocus your attention on the positive side of things. Remember, the glass is always half full! 

Declutter your home

  • A chaotic environment creates a chaotic mind. In the past months, work-from-home has become the norm. Your environment plays a really big part in your overall mood and psychological well-being. When you make sure to always keep a clean and organized home, you’ll see it reflect in your mental zone during your daily activities. For a start, try watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

Coping Mechanisms with the New Normal

The way you respond to stress during this crisis is essentially related to your health and emotional background, current financial situation, support from family and friends, and a lot of other factors. As we mentioned, it is very important to take healthy steps in combating stress and lessening your worries. 

1. Acknowledge

One good way to also cope with this new normal is to ground oneself in the present moment through mindfulness. Avoid getting overwhelmed by your thoughts by practicing some meditation exercises. 

But first, you need to acknowledge your emotions and give yourself some time to express what you’re feeling. You could channel them through drawing, painting, or even writing. 

You can start by organizing your thoughts on paper; grab your journal and allow yourself to grieve the old normal. Afterwards, write down at least one thing you’re grateful for everyday. This will give you a chance to start embracing the new normal. 

2. Create a New Normal Routine

Once you’ve started acknowledging change, it’s time to adapt. Start making plans ahead of the week, and try adjusting to your old routine. Can’t go to the gym? Search for home workouts online. Miss dressing up for work? Curate your own Zoom OOTDs. The possibilities are endless; you just need to shift your focus. 

3. Stay Connected

The scariest thing about these trying times is the feeling of isolation. We’ve been stuck in the corners of our houses for months now, and one of the best ways to ease this feeling is through connecting with your loved ones. Now, more than ever, is the best time to invest in family bonds. Set up family events like movie nights online to create more meaningful moments with your loved ones, despite the lockdown. 

4. Keep Youself Protected

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