The Easiest Way to Find Your Real Body Shape So You Can Dress Better

by Yna Mendez

“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” – Hubert de Givenchy

Your body shape is the key to dressing better. It’s important to know what fits your body’s silhouette, so it’s easier to find what to buy, how to wear and match them. With that, you can achieve that perfect visual harmony.

First, I'll help you determine your real body figure. You could be an Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle/Straight, or Inverted Triangle. Then I’ll discuss styling strategies on what clothes will look great for your body shape. And at the end, I’ll give the easiest way to find your ready body shape with a best-kept secret so keep reading until the end.

1. A Top-Heavy Adorable Apple                                                                                                            

More often described as “top-heavy”, bodies with the apple shape have:

  • Round shoulders
  • Bigger bust and stomach
  • Undefined waist
  • Narrower hips
  • Slim legs

Apple body shapes' best assets are their bust and slim arms & legs.

It’s important to wear tops that accentuate your bust. Make things interesting with a low-necklines or utilizean Empire Cut Dress to elevate your waistline and give more attention to your bust. Don’t forget, skinny pants are also your best friend as they can easily flaunt your slim legs.

2. The Bottom-Heavy Perfect Pear


A Pear body shape can be visualized as a triangle and is generally described as “bottom-heavy”. You’re a pear shape if you have:

  • Fuller waist, thighs, and buttocks
  • Narrow shoulder and bust area
  • Defined waist
  • Elongate the legs

Your body will love tops with padded shoulders to widen your shoulders. Other ideal tops include off-shoulder tops, horizontal stripes, or boatnecks necklines to highlight your body.

3. The Curvy Heavenly Hourglass

An hourglass figure can be determined if you have:

  • Almost equal shoulders
  • Almost equal hip measurements
  • A really defined waist

An hourglass figure looks good with most fashion pieces. But you can exploit your assets with the bodycon dresses. They look amazing on hourglass figures since they define your waist more and flaunt those natural curves. Other outfits worth buying are wrap or belted dresses. You can also try peplums to show off your curves. Though it’s best to avoid empire cut dresses as they fail to emphasize your shape.

4. Equidistant Sassy Straight or Radiant Rectangle

It’s easy to figure out a straight or rectangular body shape. If your:

  • Shoulders, hips and waist almost have the measurements

The key is to add more volume to your desired parts of your body. For your shoulders, you can wear flared or puffed sleeves, while for the bottom, you can wear voluminous skirts like ruffled or tiered skirts. Avoid palazzos/culottes as they can make you look bulky. Lastly, define your waist by wearing belts, or wearing high-waist pants or skirts.

5. Wide and Wonderful Inverted Triangle 

Your figure is an inverted triangle when:

  • Shoulders are wider than your waist

Make your hips look wider to balance the proportions of the upper half of your body by wearing voluminous bottoms like flared skirts, palazzos and culottes.

Little-Known Fashion Secret

In the end, it really takes time to understand your actual body shape. Some people resort to actual measuring of their body. Others may have a different impression on what their body shape could be. It personally took me years to understand it fully, but I found a little-known trick that would let you know your actual body shape without effort or cost. The easiest way to find your body shape is to talk to your free personal stylist.

With Stylist in Pocket’s free fashion consultations, you can book a home visit for a team of stylist to bring curated clothes for you. On the spot, they can determine your body shape and matching clothes that will make you feel confident, so you can dress better! It’s so easy! Get started  by clicking here to dress smarter and better for free.