There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way the world works. It has also greatly impacted the set-up and dynamics of our workplaces. Most, if not all, has shifted to remote work and virtual communications to be able to adapt to these unprecedented times.
With all the changes in the past two years, work events and social gatherings have been put on hold. Do you still vividly remember what happened during your last (face-to-face) Christmas party? If not, maybe it's time you consider holding these memorable events once again but this time, adapting to having them virtually.
We’ve listed down the benefits of virtual gatherings for your team members and how it can impact workplace productivity. As one of the top Corporate Gift Suppliers in the Philippines, we're also here to help you and your entity successfully pull this off!

1. Adds Variety to your Company's Routine

No one is immune to work burn-out, and as much as we all want to keep productive at work this is quite inevitable especially with the way the world currently works. To help avoid this, a virtual gathering with team members (whether for work or merely for fun) can boost morale and in turn increase productivity. Virtual events will switch up your team’s routine and give them something to look forward to at work.
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2. Events Like This Brings your Team Together

Virtual events can be a great opportunity for your team to get together and bond. Incorporating ice-breakers in your virtual events is a fun way for co-workers to interact and really get to know each other. It creates a united atmosphere and can inspire everyone at work knowing that their co-workers are sharing the same interests. Whether they be movies, songs, artists, k-dramas, etc.…. we can all agree that we all have common similarities.

3. Have fun and unwind with the team

There are a lot of ways to enjoy virtual events such as movie/game nights, party events and virtual company dinners. This is an opportunity for your team members to unwind, bond and just enjoy each other’s company outside of work. Enjoying these activities can strengthen your relationships with team members and it can create a holistic work environment.
Though it may be virtual, we have to make the most out of every opportunity presented for everyone to get together and socialize despite the pandemic. And a way of elevating these experiences and make it more memorable is sending gifts. It can be gift sets as a form of reward for icebreakers/games or a sweet filled package full of treats and snacks to bond with during your party events. Make your team members excited and look forward to virtual events by giving gifts!
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