The 8 Best Style Advice for Shorter Women

Let’s admit it. A regular Filipina is not as tall as caucasians, unless you’re lucky enough to have the genes. Being short can be tricky to style. There are factors to consider like proportion, weight of the clothes, and most important of all, length. So, we gathered our stylist’s top tips for utilizing your stature to take advantage of your unique style!

1. Master Proportions

Everything starts with proportion. If you are relatively short, make sure that what you are wearing pieces that fits you perfectly. For example, if you are wearing cropped skinny jeans, make sure it reaches the ankle. Remember not to crop it too much.

When wearing a blazer, the shoulder pads must hit the right places and not make you look wider. The key is to avoid widening yourself and focus on pieces that elongate you.

2. Wear One Color From Head to Toe

Wearing just one color creates a vertical line, thus making you look longer. If you’re afraid of matching pieces of the same color, wear a solid-colored jumpsuit or a dress to create stature.

3. Rock a Top Knot

Have you noticed beauty queens recently do a top-knot hairstyle? That’s because it adds extra length to their height! Make a bun above your head for a casual-look, or make it really clean for evening events.

4. Flow with Maxi-Skirts

To elongate the legs, you have to make sure your bottoms are solid and go all the way down. That’s why a maxi-skirt is a perfect trick to make you look tall. Especially in thin pleats or vertical stripes, it will create an illusion of long legs. Just make sure the top you’re wearing is fitted and tucked in so the focus is on the length of the skirt. Not to mention, make sure it’s not too long to make you trip while you’re walking.

5. Go Short with a Short Dress/Bottom

We mentioned wearing maxi skirts, but we also recommend wearing short dresses or bottoms. It’s either you go really long or go really short. With going for a short piece, it cuts your leg at the right place, making them look long.

6. Choose Heels with a Low-Cut Vamp


It’s obvious that heels make you literally taller, but to take it up a notch, choose heels with a low-cut vamp, meaning that it cuts across just right above your toes. The farther it is from your ankles, the better.

7. Wear Pointy Flats

Let’s face it: you can’t wear heels everyday. If you’re going to wear flats, make sure it has a pointed end to give an illusion of a long leg line.

8. Consult a Free Personal Stylist

Maybe you aren’t sure if you’re doing the right styles for your height. It’s time to call a free personal stylist, once you take a Style Quiz to let them know what you need. A team of stylists would bring racks of curated outfits right to your doorstep for a fitting. Get hands-on expert advice and curated clothes by taking a 3-min. quiz at . You might find new styles you never thought to try before.