COVID-19 has rapidly spread throughout the world. Before we know it, it has already put almost every country on lockdown. Early on, the World Health Organization shed a light on how the virus spreads—through tiny respiratory particles which later on led to the recent discovery that transmission could also be airborne. This makes it extra dangerous for us to go out and interact with other people because the key entry points of the virus are on the face: mainly the eyes, nose and mouth. 
These findings have forced the entire world to make face masks part of our daily lives. In our country, you are permitted to leave your doorstep without any type of face mask present. Without a face mask, you could still unknowingly spread the virus to others—with or without any COVID-19 symptom. 
One of the best examples of effective personal protective equipment we could use on our faces would be the surgical mask. Much more accessible than N95 respirators and more functional than cotton masks, surgical masks were made exactly for this type of virus. 
Surgical masks, or also known as medical masks, are created to filter our large particles in the air. These loose-fitting disposable masks are designed to protect your nose and mouth from potentially infectious respiratory secretions.

How to Wear a Surgical Mask 

Before touching the mask, always make sure you’ve already sanitized your hands. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or just keep it clean with a hand sanitizer. After taking a mask out of the box, here comes the most important part: raise your self awareness. Avoid letting your mask touch any nasty surfaces. Inspect your mask and make sure there are no obvious tears or holes. Lastly, make sure you’re wearing the correct side—the one with the stiff bendable edge comes on top and the colored side goes on the front. Pinch the stiff edge to the shape of your nose. 
Since surgical masks don’t come in different sizes, they usually come off loosely on the face and it could become pretty uncomfortable for the user. Luckily, some designers were quick on their feet to think of a solution for this. 

Silicone Face Mask Strap 

Aside from their loose free-size design, these elastic loops could also be the cause of irritation on the backs of your ears. It’s no wonder that this has been a common issue among health care workers, and the usual double-looping isn’t good for the ears either. 
With every Filipino essentially required to wear face masks everyday, silicone face mask straps were created to deal with the loose ear loops and deter their painful side effects. Made of high-quality silicone material, these straps are water-resistant, easy to flex and skin-friendly. Their easily adjustable quality makes ear discomfort non-existent. These silicone face mask straps also come in an assortment of colors, giving you the opportunity to match them with your daily outfits while still enjoying their comfortability. 

How to Store a Surgical Mask

Your face mask is what keeps you protected when you leave the house. By the time you need to remove it, you can’t just keep your face mask floating around in your back. Keeping it loosely in your bag or pocket could easily contaminate the other stuff you have inside. 
It is also important to take note that surgical masks are disposable, which means that they may lose their efficacy after an extended period of time. It’s best to wear them for 2-6 hours, and just keep an extra one with you whenever you leave. This is where mask storage cases come in handy.

Foldable Face Mask Storage

This lightweight face mask storage makes sure you’ll be able to carry an additional mask with you even without the presence of a bag. Its compact design makes it easy for you to store it in small spaces like your pocket. Its buckle design is made easy to open, and it has a sturdy hardshell, making it highly convenient and secure. This foldable mask storage comes in three different colors—adding personality to its already exquisite design. 

Face Mask Storage Case

Storage cases come in handy, not only when you want to bring along an extra surgical mask, but also when you want to carry around medicines and other small items. It also keeps your extra mask from being exposed to touching other stuff inside your bag. This compact face mask storage also has an easy to open hardshell that is very unlikely to break. Order in different colors to suit your everyday style. 
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