Summer Office Wear For Women

Al Raig

Summer is finally here! As much as we enjoy the weekends with sun and friends, Monday is always ready to welcome as back to work week. With the blazing sun, the thought of your go-to office wardrobe - button-downs, cardigan sweaters and dress pants - makes you start to sweat. As appealing as it is to wear sundresses, shorts and tank tops, these do not scream office appropriate.

To help you in the hot summer office days, here is a list of outfits that are both summer-ready and HR-approved. With bright colors, bold patterns, and unique silhouettes that we have not seen in quite a while, you will be ready to face summer work days in style.

Pastels and Neutrals

Yes it’s summer, but it does not automatically mean you go straight to your bright default ensembles. Here you can whip out those neutrals such as ivory, blush and gray. Probably try out some layered outfit (but not too much! Suggests that you layer with light fabrics) to help you stay cool on that dreaded sweltering commute.

Bold Colors and Patterns

But, of course, it is the summer—which is the time your boldest, and brightest dress has been waiting for! Floral too tame? Choose another bright print—anything from tribal to abstract. Keep the silhouette of your clothes into the shift dresses and probably pencil skirts to keep those professional vibes in tack. If your not ready for the dresses probably  give those neglected accessories a chance to add some party fun on the office outfit.

Light Layers

The first hours in the AC set office will be a lifesaver from the hellfire like commute -  until lunch time rolls on and you realise that thin shift dress betrays you. Never leave that house with a light cover up to help keep you warm without the hassle of weight that comes with a heavy blazer or cardigan.

Back to Basics

Of course, there are days when you’ll need to dress a bit more conservatively—but you can still infuse some summertime lightness into your outfit choices. Try cropped pants, loose blouses, and sleeveless silhouettes.