Credited to the one-and-only Christian Dior back in 1955, the A-line skirt is great for summer because of its figure flattering and airy cut. These skirts are fitted at the waist and then flare out in a straight line away from the body. A-line skirts also tend to be a little on the longer side, making them great for the office.

Some things to keep in mind when styling an A-line skirt for workwear:

  • Length. As with any skirt, keep your knees in mind. For conservative offices, stay at or below knee length. If you have some freedom, an inch or two above might be okay.
  • Fabric. A-line styles are popular for casual wear, too, but not all A-lines are created equal. Avoid clingy jersey and floaty chiffon, and look instead for thicker knits and fabrics with a bit more structure. What they add in heaviness, they make up for in the additional circulation you get underneath.
  • Print. A sweet floral can be perfect for a weekend picnic, but might not make the transition well to weekday wear. Solids are most versatile, but there are a lot of print options that are office appropriate, too. Choose either print or color—the louder the print, the more neutral the color, and vice versa.
  • Slip/lining. As with any skirt or dress, if yours isn't lined, wear a slip. It not only helps with modesty, but it also helps most fabrics skim your body better.
  • Width. There is a lot of variation among A-lines based on how dramatic they flare out. Some will stand out just wider than a pencil skirt, while others have enough fabric to drape and fold. Both can be office appropriate, so try them out and see what you like best.
  • Styling. A-line skirts can be styled just like any other skirt. They tend to look better with heels, especially if your skirt falls at or below the knee.