Summer Fabric: Cotton

In this sweltering hot season we all have one thing in our minds - How can we keep our cool? Lucky for us there are now dozens of summer-friendly material we can choose from in your very own wardrobe. We’ve discussed about the benefit linen as our first summer fabric; we now add more to our choices. When temperature rises, one of the most breathable and comfortable fabrics we can also lean on will be cotton. Cotton is believed to be first cultivated in Indus delta although evidence was found in India and Pakistan form about 6,000 B.C. Cotton fabrics are developed through cotton spinning and fabrication making it oldest fabric developed.

Cotton is a soft fibre ball in that is easy to find and harvest through time, making it a common fabric to own. But here are (5) reasons why you should invest on cotton this summer.

1. Wear More, Wash Less

It is strong, tough and you won’t have to worry about its fiber getting dirty. Cotton is known for its odourless property being that its fabric being close to oil-base. This makes its washing less and easy, but even if you do you can just let your washing machine do all the work.

2. Cotton Everywhere

Cotton is the easiest fabric you’ll find in your wardrobe and in the mall. From work wear, athletic wear to evening wear just name it, cotton is there. Cotton is a fabric with fiber that is so versatile it can be woven with other fabrics like chambray, lace, corduroy, linen and even velour. So whatever clothes style and the occasion for, cotton has you covered.

3. Breeze Friendly

Similar with linen you will not have to worry about perspiring too much with its lightweight, breathable, and highly absorbent qualities. It will surely help your body to stay cool as it allows heat to escape. Making many people opt to wear 100% cotton shirt as it can withstand the sweat.

4. Clinginess Free

This fabric is definitely not  as other fabric as it does not have as high static dues to electric charge making contact with cotton worry-free!