Summer Fabric: Linen

Al Raig

Summer has announced its arrival and it’s making us perspire. With all the skimpy cotton tank top, lightweight material and large quantity of skin exposure, it doesn’t necessarily mean cooler days. The most magical fabric to rely on this sweltering days is linen. It can be the oldest reliable fabric known for multiple properties since ancient times.

Here are 5 reasons of why you should wear linen fabric this season.

  1. Say goodbye to sticky, sweaty skin this summer

It’s a well-known fact that linen can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture. It allows more airflow, and is therefore less likely to cling to the skin.

  1. Needed breeze for this weather indeed

Beside being moisture absorbent, it also regulates skin-air exchange. It is claimed that heat conductivity of linen is 5x higher than wool and 18x higher than silk.

  1. No need to worry about getting a skin rash with this skin-friendly fabric

It’s highly used for medical benefits especially those with skin disorder and sensitivities, such as burns, to help regular moisture and healing time.

  1. Who could say no to a free massage?

Linen is known for its microscopic “breaks” due to its texture. It actually gives you a light massage as it gets in contact with your skin.  

  1.  It can stand the test of time

Linen is known to be quite durable making it a good investment. To add to that, linen can be the only fabric that gets softer, shinier and more scrumptious each time you wash it. If properly cared for, it can literally last for decades.