Living coral is the latest trendy color the new year has ever seen.

The color of the year cherishes optimism and joyful pursuits and this embodiment is a great reflection for 2019 to be filled with life.

Let’s discover the many ways to style pantone just in time for the new year.

  1. Living with Makeups

Coral hue can make a vibrant color, making it the perfect tone for your cheeks, lips, eyes and even to your nails.

Best if you want that amazing pop color.

  1. Getting it on with Tops

We all know that with just a simple shirt, blazer, sleeveless or blouse can make you stand out from the crowd. Double the power of individuality with living coral - The color is the year’s best alternative from pink and red.

Wearing this color don’t have to be complicated, all you need is to not to over-do yourself by pairing two items of the same color, best to just pair it with neutral colors to let the color shine.

  1. Walking with Bottoms

As for bottoms, the same general rules applied just like from tops.

This is a brave color and not to be messed up, so it is better to match it with white and gray, or black. Having this color as your bottoms will give you more fiery girly outlook.

  1. Twirling with Dresses

When it comes to dresses, don’t you worry with matching them, because its total package on its own. The thing you should be aware of it the pairing it your shoes.

Best to use shoes with a neutral color and heels to make you stand tall.

  1. Stepping it up with Shoes

Wearing colorful shoes is a great way to express life. Coral is a more subtle than red & more palatable than orange, but most of all, it is an original and versatile hue that will compliment a slew of outfits & occasions.

We must always be careful on using its decadence color to bring the most beauty out of it.

Why not bring Living Coral to life in your designs and your workspace? Consult a professional stylist to pick out these buoyant styles just for you for free.

Just give your size and style preferences at and we’ll give you a fitting room filled with optimistic and a dynamic flair.