With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the excellent time to set up those travel plans. From choosing your destination to picking out your winter OOTDs, you'll definitely have a lot on your plate. Holiday season is travel season after all.
Luckily for you, we're here to lessen your worries. Time to break out all your coats and jackets!  
With the help of our professional stylists, we've rounded up the perfect guide for all your travel fashion woes. Outerwear can be a bit tricky because sometimes they all seem the same, but its structure and styling can make a big difference to your overall look.
Use this guide to plan better for your holiday travels.
  1. Trench Coat

Find a coat that's just the right length for the arms and back. Look for the perfect fit that gives you enough room to still layer clothes underneath.

Trench Coat


2. Leather Jacket

Go edgy while still keeping it casual with a leather jacket. Look effortlessly stylish by slipping this on a cold day. This piece may be buttoned, zipped, open or belted.

Leather Jacket


3. Fur Coat

Keep yourself cozy and warm with a faux fur coat. This piece lets you look effortlessly feminine and sophisticated while you strut down the streets.

Fur Coat


4. Quilted Jacket

Making its way to being a winter staple is the quilted jacket. Comfy and stylish at the same time, you should always have this packed inside your luggage. Keep yourself warm and always in style with this piece.

Quilted Jacket


5. Cocoon Coat

Forgot your scarf? No problem! Aside from its stylish silhouette, the cocoon coat has funnel collars that keep your neck extra warm. Opt for something slightly oversized so your could wear it over chunky knits.

Cocoon Coat


6. Puffy Jacket

Having a synthetic fill for insulation, we always run to our puffy jackets when we want to survive the cold. It's also amazingly light despite its big size! Oversized and sleeveless puffy jackets are always the way to go. Try exploring different colors, too!

Puffy Jacket


7. Denim Jacket

This versatile outerwear goes well with dresses, gowns, jeans, and shirts alike. A denim jacket comes in varieties of colors (e.g. white, light washed) and styles (e.g. sleeveless, cropped).

Denim Jacket


8. Bomber Jacket

Styling a bomber jacket can be such a daunting task because it seems like a tricky piece, but it actually looks well on almost everything. Style it on shorts, pencil skirts, ripped jeans and maxi skirts.

Bomber Jacket


Still unsure about what to wear for your holiday trip? Our team of professional stylists would love to help you out! Shop for your holidays OOTDs for free at the comfort of your own home. Contact us at (0917) 651-0018 to book a Home Visit today.  



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