Given our weather's unpredictability, your outfit should be sun-friendly today and rain-friendly later. Finding pieces that keep us cool during the day while still keeping us dry because of weather, is oftentimes challenging. While not all clothing is immediately suitable for the cold season, it doesn’t mean you can no longer pre-plan your fashion choices, as you can always refurbish your favorites to fit any condition. From extra-long sleeves to the comeback of the once-vilified leggings, here's how to stay warm in style this rainy season.

1. Make use of several layers!

Adding layers is the simplest approach to stay warm on a cold day. Layer your favorite shirt or polo over a cardigan or sweater and pair it with jeans or shorts to complete your look. You can alter your ensemble by removing your cardigan or sweater, which instantly transforms your entire look into totally something new!

2. Snug up in your favorite pair of pants!

With a comfy pair of pants, you will instantly achieve this classic casual and basic look, which can be worn with practically any piece of clothing or pair of shoes! Style it with bright colors to give you a happy, upbeat look, or dark colors to go with the gloomy weather – whichever mood you are in. Pants will always keep you dry in the rain and protect you from the sun.

3. Take the knit out!

When choosing which piece you’ll wear on a rainy day, keep in mind the fabrics you'll be donning. Knitted clothing is most appropriate for wearing during the cold, wet season. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also pairs well with other types of clothing. Plus, it is pretty easy to put together.

4. It's sweater weather, so wear an oversized one!

This is another statement piece that offers a lot of adaptability depending on where you’ll go. To prepare for chilly weather, pair your most comfy shorts with a loose-fitting sweater or hoodie on lazy days. In the summer, softer and neutral tones will help to keep the heat at bay.

5. Wearing bright Colors is always a good idea!

Don't add to the monotony of a dreary day by adding more grey or neutral tones to the gloomy weather! Brighter hues will lift your spirits up and draw attention to you. At night, colors like red, purple, and blue look fantastic, but avoid pastels and yellows to avoid staining from rain. Colors and patterns can be mixed and matched to create a unique effect. You may either go all out with bright colors or simply add a pop of color to your basic elements.

6. Keep it in your Knees

Who says dresses are just appropriate for the summer? Keep your summer dresses out of the hamper because you can complete the look by wearing them with your favorite sneakers and a denim jacket. A classic look that also protects you from puddle stains when you go out in the rain.

7. Wear a printed scarf to complete your rainy day look!

A statement scarf is a terrific way to look in-style while also keeping rain off your newly washed hair. It can be wrapped around the neck to protect against cold winds and it can be quickly put over the head to keep rain off. If you love prints, use a geometric, botanic, or aztec pattern. Animal motifs or bright, solid colors that coordinate with your wardrobe are prints that you can explore as well.
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