I had the best time when The Row came over my house. Yes. You read that right. The Row (that’s Ensembles, Freeway, and Solo) came to my house. And they didn’t just come for a visit, they came in bearing oodles of racks of clothes for me and my sisters to try on. You can now literally shop at home and I don’t mean online shopping. Technically, you still can but The Row offers a new experience of bringing the clothes to your house! You can now fit, shop, and style in the convenience of your home. No more hassle of going out, looking for parking, then walking endlessly in the maze called the mall.


What I really love about this is when I go out to try on things, I ask myself while looking in the mirror, will this top go with my and just hope for the best. This time, when I do try something on, I can get my shoes, or skirt, or top to see if it really does go well. I don’t have to guess  and then return the item because it didn’t fit properly. Ugh. It’s really a chore to return items.

Because we were at home, we even had a mini fashion show for ourselves! Ask friends to come over and try out clothes with them. Enjoy the comfort of your home while shopping. Aside from them coming over, they even offer to alter pieces you like that don’t quite fit you for free! How is this not a great event?

If you want to scope out the exact pieces you want them to bring, you can head over to to check out their online catalogue.

This is perfect for avoiding the holiday crowd this December! Try it out for yourself!