Shop Less, Gift Smart: Give Experiences that Are Out of the Ordinary

Holidays are coming, anniversaries and birthdays left and right. Face the facts, Gift cards are the best present for everyone on your list of to give. Despite our best intentions, most of us will be unsuccessful for the gifts we shop this year. A study even showed that 3 out of 4 Americans won’t like the gifts they receive this season. With gifts having a 25% approval rating while gift cards have a whopping 37% approval rating.

Don’t stress more time of your life spent on shopping for gifts that they might not approve. Instead of giving vague gifts in hopes to be thoughtful, why not give smarter gift cards that offer a memorable experience. An out of the ordinary experience on their most convenient time is a guaranteed to go better than anything else you could give. Plus, the experience they receive will be a great conversation when you meet them once more. Here’s a list of the best memorable experiences you can give to someone this 2018.

  1. An Outdoor Activity

From exploring the depths of Zambales, swimming across pristine waters in El Nido, to Sky diving through Batayan. Give the gift card to a travel experience that anyone could enjoy in the Philippines. Sunblock not included.

  1. Spa and Nail Day

Perfect for an all-occasion gift for those who value health and wellness. Make that workaholic friend’s day extra special with a relaxing body massage and after their long days in the office. Or let them get inspired with their beautifully done nails at wellness centers.

  1. House Cleaning

Give your parents or your well loved kasambahay a break by getting a gift card to make someone else do the chores! Let someone else arrange the furniture, sweep the floor, and water the plants for a change. To see the end results of a pristine house to rejuvenate anyone’s spirits.

  1. Fitness Routine

Yoga, cross-fit, boxing, or Zumba – why not give a gym membership gift card to get their motivation started. Share your benefits or even a personal training session to let that special someone know that you only want long-term benefits for their gifts.

  1. Customizable Wall Art

Add character to their home with a customized wall décor. Make a lasting impression on friends and family that would make them remember you whenever they see the personalized design.

  1. Charitable Donation

How about instead of giving something to your loved one, why not give them the gift of donating to a charity? An orphanage, home for the aged, church, animal welfare organization or a foundation - there are many NGO’s out there you can help in any way you can. Not only are you able to help an advocacy, you also shared to your friend the joy of giving.

  1. Gift of Style

Fashion items are a pretty common gift idea, but many problems arise from that especially when you don’t know the recipient's size. The solution is to surprise him/her with a home visit from a team of professional stylists complete with racks of clothes and a full-size mirror for the complete fashion runway effect. Let him/her experience fitting clothes right at the comfort of your homes. No service charge, so you just pay for the clothes that he/she likes! Now that’s a unique way of sharing the gift of style! Start giving at