Shoe Color Wheel

Al Raig

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

- Marilyn Monroe


The shoes we wear will not make who we are; however, knowing the right color for us does help a bunch. Gone are the good old days of sticking to neutral colors. Here are some color schemes you should consider trying.


As we all know, and many would agree, black is the most versatile color element. It simply just goes with everything. A pair of black boots, stilettos, pumps,       wedges or sandals can be considered as good investment. These are easy to pair with classy evening wear or an office venture piece.


Believe it or not, nude can actually give your feet the elongated look you’ve been wanting. Consider owning this staple color if you still haven’t purchased one. Nude helps balance out those heavily embellished dresses or bold colored pants you like to wear at times.


The fashion rules are changing. Gone are the days when it was considered uber cool to match every single detail of your outfit. Matching your shoes with a dress, unless it’s black, is not-so-uber-cool anymore. Go for it by all means, but do not overdo it as it’s a trend with one leg at the exit gate. Complementing colors is a big yes!

 Color Blocking

I’ll tell you when color blocking should be your go-to. If you’re the kind who like matching your accessories, this works best for you. It needs an eye for details. The idea is to choose an outfit and go with contrasting colors for the accessories. Shoes play a pivotal role in the contrast game. You can get as interesting, whacky or stylish as you want but wear it with attitude.


A style statement with animal prints is big and elevates your look instantly. Imagine wearing a simple black t-shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of printed sandals, or a LBD with the same. It’s an impeccable combination. But do not overdo the entire outfit with these. If your sandals are printed, let everything be muted and subdued. Prints and patterns are a huge hit, don’t miss out on these!