“Most days, our workspace is filled with piles of papers and decorative objects passed around at work. Neither do we know that these things have already brought germs onto the surface of our desks that can lead to a disease like COVID-19.
The best way to keep your personal space free of germs and bacteria is to arm oneself with the best germ-fighting essentials that will effectively keep your workspace clean and sanitized at all times! 
Keep your workspace clean with these PPE essentials:

Automatic Alcohol Dispenser.

Germs can quickly spread without regular hand washing or sanitizing practices. It is even recommended to wash your hands and disinfect all the objects you handled before and after using them. And there is no better way to disinfect your workspace in a non contact manner with an automatic alcohol dispenser!

Automatic Spray Bottle. 

Carry an alcohol bottle with you wherever you go! But not just an ordinary bottle, go for an Automatic Spray for fast, easy disinfection!

Room and Car Air Purifier. 

Proactively start your day by ensuring that the air you breathe is cleaner and safer! This sleek and lightweight air purifier is equipped with filtration mechanisms to help neutralize office contaminants, providing a safer and cleaner air to breathe!

Aluminum UV Wand. 

Make sanitizing a daily habit with this handy device that effectively kills 99.9% of all germs in as little as 10 seconds -While leaving no trace of odor-causing bacteria behind! The Aluminum UV Wand is a battery-operated USB charging device, which makes it easier to change and bring anywhere! 

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