In these trying times, we’re all grasping for some sense of normalcy.
With the recent easing of lockdown restrictions, businesses are starting to open up again. This is now far off from the previous quarantine protocols wherein people were prohibited to go to their offices and work from home was required. Now, businesses are trying—albeit struggling—to go back to normal. Being a PPE supplier in the Philippines, we at Stylist in Pocket are no strangers to that. 
Being allowed to open in half (and in some cases, less than half) capacity is really challenging, but it should be seen as a privilege afforded by few. It’s bound to be a tremendous undertaking, but it’s a start to wake our downtrodden economy up.
This development also means one thing: it’s time to go back to the office—washable masks and all.



Knowing that COVID-19 cases have started hitting a daily high, it has become natural for us to find ourselves whirling into an anxiety tailspin. Almost four months into the quarantine, testing, contact tracing, and treatment are still works in progress. 
Loosening the lockdown restrictions presents a series of challenges; and our offices may never be the same.

Limited transportation options

Let’s face it: there are only a few options for you to go back to work. 
You’re lucky if you have your own car; but for the rest of us, you have to go the hard way?—commuting. Our country’s public transportation was bad before, but now it’s even worse. Only a limited number of PUVs and trains are now allowed to operate. 
We face a number of risks by taking mass transportations to work. Despite government efforts in maintaining social distancing in public transportation, we will still be in close proximity with other people. It is imperative that we are well equipped to protect ourselves from the virus. 

Sharing spaces with strangers

This is the most obvious challenge we have to face: we’ll be sharing common spaces with a lot of different people over the course of our journey – it starts by lining up at the terminals, in the jeep or train itself, in our booked ride share, in our office building elevators, or in our office itself. 
Despite being allowed to operate in reduced occupancy, the corporate culture we’ve been so used to is now over.

Going out with uncertainties

Going out in itself is already introducing risk to our loved ones. Ideally, working from home until the pandemic dies out is the safest solution; but with most of our jobs, this is simply impossible. So we go for the next best thing: making sure that we’re protected from head to toe.
The next time you even think about going out without any sort of personal protective equipment on you, remember this: you can be a risk to yourself, to your family and to your community.


When you think about it, all these challenges allude to one solution: keep yourself protected. 
Knowing that the COVID-19 vaccine is still some time away, our top priority now should be avoiding any direct contact or droplet transmission of the virus.  Frequent hand washing has become our new practice, but soap and water may not always be available when going out. We must also know by now that wearing washable masks simply won’t cut it. 
The most important thing to do now is to make all efforts to minimize exposure of the eyes, nose and mouth. Pulling away from our fashion habitat, we’ve come to acknowledge that our job now is to help curate top-quality personal protective equipment for our fellow Filipinos?—also making us realize the importance of being a PPE supplier in the Philippines.

For your eyes

Commuting back to work means facing heavily-polluted areas outside our doorstep. One of our main challenges now would be making sure dust doesn’t get into our eyes, to prevent it from having direct contact with our hands. 

Our Safety Glasses (Php 125), Anti-Fog Goggles (Php 190), and Visor Safety Glasses (Php 240) are all made for dusty environments. Eye discomfort is now a thing of the past.
These medically-graded eye equipment will make sure you’ll never set your sight on droplets, oil, smoke and other harmful particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye. 

For your face

Facemasks have become a symbol of this coronavirus era. A few months prior, wearing one would have drawn stares; but it has become the complete opposite now.  Talking, coughing, and sneezing could release germs into the air; thus posing a threat to others nearby. With recent studies showing that COVID-19 may be airborne, the best thing you could do for yourself now is to cover your mouth. 

Add comfort and style while maximizing your protection with our new Premium Face Masks (Php 395), Colored KN95 Masks (Php 59), and Kidney Hole Washable Mask (Php 75). Daily outdoor activities have never looked this good. 

For your hands

The virus could spread from one hand to another. As restrictions start being lifted, it’s becoming even more worrisome to share spaces others. In the wake of this pandemic, elevator rides have never been scarier; dining out with colleagues have become our last resort; and constant disinfection is now a common practice. 
Contactless interactions have become the norm. Avoid touching surfaces by getting your own Portable No-Touch Stick (Php 295), or Safety Key (Php 95). These come in handy if you want to lessen contact with door handles, and even elevator and ATM buttons.  

For your body

Your body may not have any direct contact with the virus as much as your face and hands, but taking the step to also keeping it protected is a healthy practice. 

Our new Wearable Air Purifier (Php 1850) strike a balance between comfort and safety. These could be the perfect addition to your OOTD. 
For more curated personal protective equipment for you and your family, visit our new site as we undertake our duty as a PPE supplier in the Philippines at
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