Rainy days are upon us once again. 
Up until today, strong winds brought about the typhoon Ulysses are being felt across the Philippines. It has definitely been challenging for us Filipinos to face another inclement condition since most of us are still reeling from the onslaught brought about by the super typhoon Rolly, all the while facing the threat of the coronavirus. 
These deadly winds could pose potential hazards in worksites, which is why most companies have suspended work for the day. Working in the office during a typhoon could cause slippery surfaces and endanger travels due to limited visibility. The best way to circumvent this is to let employees bring home their workload. 
Working at home during gloomy weathers may be extremely difficult because it gets quite tempting to just bundle up in our blankets and lay in bed all day. Waking up to a cold breeze just makes us want to stay cocooned and dread getting up to work.  
The key to finding balance in comfort and productivity is to dress up as if you’re going to work, even if you’re just staying within the four corners of your home. Putting on a nice outfit turns your Work Mode on because it will make you feel like you’re setting up some sort of boundary between work and play. 

Comfy Cotton Tops

If you’re planning on staying at home the whole day, it’s best to bundle up with something that keeps you cozy and warm. These comfy cotton tops are definite rainy day must-haves.

Unisex Long Sleeves Tee

This long-sleeved top is perfect for both men and women. Made from cotton material, it brings another level of comfort and warmth with its regular fit—being neither too tight, nor too loose. Suitable both for office and work-from-home settings, this Unisex Long Sleeves Tee is perfect for transitional-weather layering or just stand-alone comfort. It comes in monochromatic hues of white, black and sports gray; making it super easy to style.

Full Zip-Up Hoodie Jacket

Also made of cotton, our Full Zip-Up Hoodie Jacket may just be your new go-to outerwear this rainy season. It features three different solid colors: black, royal blue and sports gray. Its regular fit is also designed to be the perfect in-between fit with a classic style for both men and women.  
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