Goodbye, maskne! 
Since the pandemic started, skin damage has become one of the most common problems. From stress showing up through acne to face masks damaging our skin, there are countless causes to this common issue. 
But no amount of me-time or skincare products seem to be effective enough in solving your skin woes. You need to figure out WHY these pesky pimples are appearing and we are here to help you combat that through our protective essentials!

1. Use a Bracket Protector

Masks can cause irritation through friction and chafing, so make sure to use a bracket protector to prevent your mask from touching your skin.


2. Hydrate Your Skin with a Facial Mist

Facial mists a bit too costly? Keep your skin hydrated by making your own DIY face mist at home!


3. Always Keep Your Phone Sanitized

Your phone screen is a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. Make sure it’s always sanitized and disinfected.


4. Use an Air Purifier Indoors

Placing an air purifier in your room can help reduce indoor pollutants that often trigger skin irritations.


5. Wash Your Hands Frequently

Your hands touch a lot of surfaces throughout the day. Washing your hands limits the transfer of germs and bacteria, which you could also later on transfer to your face.


6. Bring a Mask Storage Case Anywhere You Go

When removing your mask, the last place you want to put the mask after you remove it is on the table. Make sure you’re always carrying a storage case wherever you go.

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