Power Dressing: 5 On Screen Characters That Should Be You Next Office Style Inspo

You know the saying "Dress for the job that you want"? Well, there's a reason it's such a famous saying; it works. While not everyone will end up with their dream job by merely dressing up, there is some truth to the saying. And where else could you take inspo from than your favorite TV characters! They have a  hole team working on them so you might as well take advantage and start taking notes. Take a cue from these alpha ladies and try walking in their Gucci platforms for a day. Let these ladies school you in the art of Power Dressing and maybe you'll learn a thing or two about how to take command of your career.

Rachel Zane (Suits)

Everyone's favorite paralegal is more than just a pretty face. She's quick-witted and thorough and she'll always find a way to get what she wants. But she's also
one of the best dressed in probably one of the sharpest-looking cast you'll ever come across in TV. She's all about mixing comfort and structure. Her usual garb
consists of relaxed cardigan tops or a crisp white polo paired with a form fitting  skirt with barely any accessories. She also keeps her face looking fresh and natural with lightweight coverage, mascara to accentuate her big eyes, and a nude colored gloss. The look is easy enough to understand as it is to emulate.

Rachel Green (Friends)

Arguably one of the most iconic onscreen characters of all time, Rachel was the It girl of the 90's. From her jumpers to her blonde-streaked hair, to the way she says “Ross”, every woman wanted to be like her. That was 10 years ago and she is still relevant to this day. So don't let that stop you from taking notes on her  style, after all her character did work for Ralph Lauren. She often mixes masculine looking pieces like a slouchy blazer and pairs it with something feminine. She’s  also not afraid to throw in some prints with her office looks.

Jessica Pearson (Suits)


If there's anyone to look up to, it's the attorney and managing partner, Jessica Pearson. She is the definition of an alpha woman: carries herself with poise, always two steps ahead of everyone else, and owns a wardrobe that probably costs more than your health insurance. One of the key factors that make her so believable is that she looks the part. One glance at her and you'll know she owns the place. But just because we can't afford the price tag on her clothes doesn't mean we can't cop her style (on a budget, of course). Because of her towering frame and commanding presence, she can get away with practically any outfit. But the common denominator in all her looks, besides her confidence, is that they're always balanced. If she's wearing a knock out dress, she keeps everything else minimal. Or if she's wearing a statement piece necklace, her clothes are kept simple. But the heels and designer bag is non-negotiable for this lady boss, which if you think about it, is understandable.

Petra Solano (Jane the Virgin)
This one’s for the preppy at heart. She may be the villain in the series (partly) but she might just be your styling best friend. Her looks on Jane the Virgin is a  reasure trove of inspo for smart casual (but maybe skip her shorts look for the office). Her style is mostly composed of a variety of different things but it mostly dwells on a mix of solid colors and prints. She is not afraid to mix and match colors and she also plays around with different textures. It’s a classic example of the saying “Always dress up because you don’t know who you might run into”. She always looks like she’s about to head to a meeting and so should you. 


Rachel Zoe (The Rachel Zoe Project) 

Ok, she’s not exactly a fictional character but she was in her own reality show so that kind of makes her an on screen character. But in real life or on screen, she is one of the most influential stylists in the world. She has created an empire for herself and she is a solid proof that you can have it all. Being as excessive as she is
with her own personal style, it really is not for everybody. She is a stylist after all. But what you can take away from her style philosophy is that every woman
deserves a little glamour in her life. She starts with classic pieces and make it her own by accessorizing—whether it be a chunky gold cuff, layers and layers of
necklace or cocktail ring, she adds a little bit of something just to add some oomph to the whole look. You can easily take your office wear to a whole new level with just these small accent pieces. And while she is a stylist to the stars in Tinseltown, you too can have a stylist of your own!


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