Staying stylish all the time is a challenge—especially with our constantly changing bodies. But there are a few basics that every new mom should have in her arsenal for a stylish maternity leave.

High-waisted leggings completely obscure the mid-section muffin top. As any new mom can tell you, the belly situation is not cute for a while. Wearing fold-over or high-waisted yoga pants is a must.

If you’re breastfeeding, you will inevitably find yourself in a public situation with a hungry baby and an awkward shirt on. If your belly still hasn’t slimmed down yet you might be a little uncomfortable pulling your shirt up to nurse—even with a nursing cover or swaddle. Button-down shirts are a life saver.

You definitely need a deep V-neck t-shirt deep enough that you can easily move it to the side for nursing. Sometimes lifting the shirt isn’t an option, especially if you are toting around your offspring in a baby-carrier.

Any long or boxy tank will work with leggings, but a striped tank brings a bit of style to your look. Plus the stripes will camouflage milk leakage and stains.

Nothing creates the illusion of slim hips like extra yards of fabric flowing around your body. The drapey cardigan is also a built-in nursing cover. You might have several of these in your closet already, but if not, we’ve got you covered.

Instead of draping yourself in a baby swaddle, why not use a beautiful oversized scarf as a nursing cover? You might already own several of these must-have pieces, but stocking up on a few extra is a good idea since you will be living in these for a few months.