1. Being Afraid To Show Off Your Shape

We understand that the world tends to paint a very narrow picture of women.

It’s hard to love your plus size body shape when all you see are commercials that encourage the thinning, slimming, or squeezing of female “ideals”.

But we shouldn’t forget that there are many things to love about your shape, and you should not be afraid to show them off!


In fact, a scientific study by a Georgia Gwinnett College said that when men look at curvy women, their brain’s positive reward portion lights up like fireworks. Your curves are incredibly arousing to men, just like any addicting vice such as alcohol or drugs.  

If you aren’t convinced at attracting the opposite gender, let’s not forget that we were born this way - curves has always been a part of us since the beginning. No matter what you feel, you can’t do a body transplant. Your body has unique silhouette given to you - embrace it.

So flaunt those beautiful and confident assets!


2. Not Trying to Incorporate Colors to your Wardrobe

Black is slimming, grey will hide those curves, don’t wear bright colors they make you stand out like a loose thumb - these are all ridiculous statements. Fashion does exclude, it includes!

Especially when it comes to wearing colors into your wardrobe.

Are you really looking for an all neutral shade that lets everyone forget you were ever there? Or are you out to be memorable! Don’t go all in with just one color favorite color (not everything has to be as black as the night).

Don’t apologize for your existence, experiment with colors and let yourself shine on!


3. Only Opting for Solid Colors. Don't be Afraid to Wear Prints

We’ve heard that saying, plus size need to stick with solid colors so there’s hardly anything to wear anymore. But guess what? This is a flat out lie. Plus size can rock prints just like anyone else!

Our tips for prints? Choose vertical stripes or big prints that have overlapping designs! They help elongate your shape for a slimming pattern. Also, be economical! Mix your solid items with prints!

The prints should help draw attention to the body part you would love to flaunt, while solids can help balance the whole outfit off.


4. Thinking There's Something Wrong with Being Plus Size

Some women think that hiding behind clothes that are two sizes too big are good for them. Baggy clothes will hide everything underneath. This is very wrong! When you have large fabrics these make you look even bigger than you really are.

Always go with the right fit and the right size you were meant to show to the world. There’s nothing wrong with that.


5. Not Getting Free Professional Help

Sometimes, women can hesitate and grow anxious wearing their choice of clothes. Did i do it right? Do I look baduy? Should I match this piece with that color? One mistake people can make is to leave it at questions and not seek for professional advice.

The modern age has opened multiple opportunities for women of all shapes and sizes to get their own personal stylist - for free. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the latest plus size fashion tips and a confidence boost from an expert.

Why not give it a try? Let them know what you’re looking for at www.stylistinpocket.com/quiz and be more confident with your plus-size fashion choices.