New year, new me—you’ve probably said this to yourself while writing down your new year’s resolutions for 2021. New year’s resolutions, as its name states, are things you want to resolve or improve on like undesirable traits, bad habits and unreached goals. We can bet that your annual list always includes working out more often, saving up for fashion emergencies and traveling to new destinations.
But this new year is not like any other.
2020 has been such a roller coaster ride, that we can’t even anticipate what’s to come in 2021 (it’s not like we’ll return to having a blank slate come the first day of the year!). Last year has brought a lot of challenges like closure of establishments, cancelled flights and unemployment. This makes it even harder for us to restructure our new year’s resolutions—they need to be more practical, more realistic and more pragmatic.
Knowing that this pandemic won’t be ending soon, why don’t we help you out in figuring out what to add on your list?
Facing COVID-19 has become the biggest challenge for all of us. With the reopening of some establishments, and the working class being encouraged to go back to the office, the top things you should continue improving on now are your health and safety.
With the workforce being largely part of the commuting public, keeping oneself safe amidst the pandemic would be such a huge hurdle. Though our PUJ and train operators have promised to comply with safety health regulations, being part of crowds is still unavoidable. The best thing that you could do no is invest in high quality and medical-grade protective equipment to guarantee your safety against harmful droplets. Lucky for you, as a PPE Supplier in the Philippines, we’ve compiled some daily essentials that you should carry with you before getting on with your day.
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