It's unlikely to go a summer without putting on a swimsuit at least once. Take the plunge and grab a one-piece to used for situations that need a little more coverage and that are a little more sporty.

Things to look for in a one-piece:

  1. Movement. Run in place in the dressing room, sit down, get up. Does your suit stay in place? Having to constantly adjust is more than just annoying—it can also draw unwanted attention to the uncomfortable areas.
  2. Coverage. When it comes to swimwear, you have to think beyond just covering the mid-section or too much cleavage. Make sure the color isn't light enough to see through, and that there is enough coverage on top if you're prone to fripplage.
  3. Rewearability. Have fun with your one-piece, and you may find yourself wearing it more often. Plus, confidence always looks good.
  4. Tankini. If you prefer, a tankini can mimic a one-piece in coverage. If your top and bottom are different sizes, or if you have a long torso, this is a great alternative to common one-piece problems.