Welcome this new year with a new work wardrobe. 


A pandemic is no exception to dressing up for success, anyway. As a formidable corporate uniform supplier in the Philippines, we at Stylist in Pocket are continuously working on ways for you to show off in style even with protective gear on. Keep your wardrobe working this 2021—whether you’re feeling bold or you just want to give a little upgrade to your uniform. 


Corporate uniforms may get a little bit tricky, especially when dealing with style restrictions. Look no further because these tips will help you change up your daily wardrobe, without all the fussy details. 


The key to setting up an office-friendly OOTD is to keep things subtle rather than daring, and going for soft instead of noisy.


Pop of Color

One of our favorite style hacks is to add a dash of bold color to any basic outfit. You can don your chosen color through accessories, vests or one main outfit piece. The key is to shift people’s focus to that certain piece of clothing while still managing to make the entire outfit look put-together.


Classic Button-Down

Oftentimes, work can become a bit hectic that we tend to think of our outfit as the least of our priorities. But don’t fret, the classic menswear-inspired button-down always comes to the rescue. 


No-Fail Blazer

Feeling lazy? Here’s a classic style hack: pop on that black blazer. 


Go Monochrome

Can’t decide on today’s colorway? No worries, just choose a single color and sport it in different shades and tints! The monochromatic style trend is also one of the best-loved style hacks among style connoisseurs. As you’ve probably seen recently, this style was prevalent in Joe Biden’s inauguration. Take a look at the ubiquitous style trend below!


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