We are down to our last entry for Mom Moment Monday, and we end it with an empowered testimony from our featured mom for this week. From our recent stories, taking care of a child is not an easy task. From our previous story, having your husband away is quite a challenge. For our final story, we are featuring a single mother who tries her best to balance her time for work and her child.

Mickey, 31 Year-old, Unit Manager, Single Parent

Mickey is a unit manager of one of the biggest insurance companies in the country. Like how a managerial position requires time management, she is able to balance her time between work and mom-time.

“I am a single parent to my 4 year old Elijah Miguel, and as any single parent knows it is not always easy to balance work and parenting duties, especially when you are standing as both father and mother to your child. But God has blessed me with a great support system - I have my family and friends who dote on my son and who help surround him with a healthy environment. There are also two other factors that have been invaluable. One is my job, because it allows me the flexibility to be with my son when he needs me, at the same time I am able to provide for him. Second, as every working mom knows, a reliable and trustworthy yaya is the key! Despite it all, it is still a challenge and there is always that worry if you are doing enough for your child. I take inspiration from my son and seeing him happy and stable makes it all worthwhile. Most of all, when I get tired and find myself prone to very human emotions, I find comfort in my ultimate co-parent, God, and I  pray that everyday He strengthens me to take care of the biggest blessing He has entrusted me with, my son.”

Mothers are indeed the most strategic managers in the world. They are able to find ways to look after their children no matter how chaotic a mother’s life can be. Right from the moment that they gave birth to their kids, they work whole day feeding them, putting them to sleep, keeping them safe and bonding with them. So for working mothers, they are managers of two: their household and their work. Mickey is just one of the amazing multi-tasking mothers out there who go beyond their capabilities to ensure the future of their children. Mickey shared her story to us full of hope and enthusiasm, assuring us that she is happy and fulfilled doing everything for Elijah.

We are able to share four stories of powerful women who deserve our appreciation and respect. We are ending the Mom Moment Monday series with love and honor for our moms. So to all our mother’s out there, from Stylist in Pocket, thank you for your unconditional love for us!