It’s Mothers Month! Even if one (1) month of celebration cannot compare to a lifetime that our mothers have given us, they will definitely appreciate our efforts of making them feel extra loved this coming Mother's Day.
Here in Stylist in Pocket, we give tribute to our mothers with “Mom Moment Monday." Every Monday of this month, we’ll be featuring stories from members of different families. To start with, a Mother will be sharing her thoughts on being a mother of her own family.

Hedwig, Housewife and Mother of Three

Hedwig is a 58-year old housewife and mother of three (3) children. A civil engineer by profession, she chose to become a housewife to take care of the children while her husband, who is also a civil engineer, was working abroad. She has dedicated her life looking after her children, yet she sometimes catches herself daydreaming about where her career would have been had she continued to work.

“To be honest, up to now, I’m still wondering what could have happened if I did not sacrifice my career. We would probably have a bigger house and maybe my youngest daughter would have been able to continue her further studies. But the moment I look at where my children are now makes me really happy. With the help of my hardworking husband - my eldest daughter is now a doctor with three (3) kids as well, my second one is a nurse in one of the top hospitals in Singapore, and my youngest is very happy being a fashion designer. I’m happy that I became very hands-on with them as they were growing up. I was able to guide them to where they are now.
After all,  a mother's success depends on what her children have become and achieved. We, mothers, are judged based on the achievements of our children; so with my three (3) successful and career-driven ladies, I can say I did a pretty good job! I’m happy that they are able to enjoy their passion.”
A mother is an epitome of great sacrifice. She will do her best for the good and happiness of the family. Hedwig is just one of the selfless mothers out there who chose her children’s future over their own.