For a couple, everything changes when the child is born. They have to make sure that finances can raise the child, and there is definitely less time for the two. You make adjustments in your relationship. Sometimes, you even have to make big decisions. This is the case for our featured mother for this week. Jennifer, 52 years old, and mother of two children, was able to manage the family and the business while her husband works abroad. The story is a testimony of her husband, David.

Jennifer, 52, Housewife

“I went abroad back in 1995 after my wife gave birth to our third child. I did not want to just sustain the family; I want to give them a good and worry-free life where my kids can go to top schools and the whole family will live in a spacious house. I had to fight homesickness but what keeps me going is my wife. I can imagine her, alone, taking care of two kids, while cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking for them while looking out for our small business back then. I always miss her and I know she also feels the same way. Imagining this scenario all over again motivates me to work hard so that I can go back home as soon as I can and help my wife. She is definitely a superwoman. For 20 years, she filled the role of being a mother and a father. When I retired in 2015, I am very content with how my family is. Indeed, my wife and I make a great team in raising our kids who are now both graduates from the top universities, but for me, Jen was the team lead. I worked 8 hours for 5 days while she worked 24/7. She was able to manage both the house and the business alone. She constantly updates me with what’s going on, back then via snail mail and recently via video chat. Even if she tells me not to worry, I know it was never easy for her. Now that I’m back, I think she already got used to the set-up. I try to help her but insist she still does the chores. She tells me she’s happy with what she’s doing. I cannot be more thankful enough that I married such a patient, loving and strong woman like her.” – David I.

Some mothers have to assume the role of both the mother and the father. When one has to be away, parenthood becomes a lot harder. Jennifer took the role of being the mother and a father in the house plus being a business manager despite having a partner away from her side. She is just one of the mothers out there who will go beyond her limits to make sure the family is doing okay. They are our real life superwomen.