Stylist in Pocket · Mom Moment Monday: Child





It’s Mom Moment Monday again! Yesterday was mother’s day and we all had our little way of saying thank you to them. For today’s entry, Flash, a Digital Marketing specialist, pays tribute to his supermom, Emelie, a public servant. Despite having big responsibilities, she makes sure she does not compromise her time for her own family:

We've been through a lot, but my mom has been our rock, our refuge. Being the overall head of our city's Early Childhood Program, that makes her the mom of almost all of the kids in our city. But when she's home, she makes sure that she'll take care of her babies (and that's us!) In every step of the way, PTA meetings, family days and even now that I’m already working, she'll always be there no matter what. That's a supermom!

I am very proud of my mom because she is the epitome of genuine and unconditional love, strength and wit. Call me cheesy but I am very proud to say that I am a mama's boy. We all are actually. Let me take this opportunity to say this. ‘Ma, I am not showy, but I love you so much and making you happy is our priority.’”

There are many families that break apart because of parents’ lack of time for their children, but it seems like this is not the case for Emelie’s. Based on today’s story, Flash is very thankful and proud of her mother’s efforts to give time for them. Emelie is just one of the mothers out there who are able balance their time between family and work. This is not an easy task, but out of genuine love, Emelie goes beyond her limits to take care of her two families: the city and her own. In numbers, her family may be smaller than the city, but not her love for them.