Nobody likes doing costume changes throughout the day. With this go-to casual outfit you'll look your best no matter where your day takes you.


A tried and true staple for any casual look, a jersey polo combines classic style and contemporary functionality. It has the polish of a collared shirt with the comfort of your favorite t-shirt.

For a lightweight, casual feel, chinos are great for any wardrobe.

Leather belts are among men’s top accessories in their wardrobes. Not only do they keep drawers held in place, they add a stylish element to an ordinary pair of pants.

The boat shoe has grown to become a vastly-admired option with men of all ages, emerging in recent years as the definitive casual shoe.


The minimalist watch is perhaps the most essential accessory. Dress it up or down. Wear it every day.

It’s functional enough for astronauts and smooth enough for the dapper dude. You’re definitely missing out if you don’t own a pair.