The Myth: You can only wear dark colors.

The Truth: It’s instinct for pregnant ladies to lean towards darker colors with their maternity clothes since it is common knowledge those colors slim one’s figure. But instead of trying to conceal your bump and wearing clothes that are two times larger than your actual size, embrace your bump! You can wear prints and colors as you please. Happy colors are definitely the way to go. Show the happiness you feel inside on the outside and you’ll be less stressed for it.


The Myth: It’s impossible to find clothes.

The Truth: While it may be harder to shop for clothes now, don’t get discouraged!  Nowadays, there are brands that are targeted specifically for pregnant ladies. They even have a collection for nursing moms for when your little bundle of joy is in the outside world. They’ve tailored their clothes for you so that it’s easier for feeding time. So don’t worry because functionality is definitely achieved in modern day clothes. Companies are definitely getting more and more innovative with their products and the designs aren’t as plain as you might think.


The Myth: You Can’t Be Fashionable Anymore.

The Truth: We know all you can think about is live in sweats for the rest of your pregnancy because being pregnant is difficult enough as it is, you definitely have no time to fuss about being uncomfortable in your clothes. But while that’s understandable, you don’t have to give up your style. This is a beautiful phase in your life and you deserve to look as beautiful as you can be. Look at Blake Lively for instance. Disregarding the fact that she’s already perfect (because let’s face it, she is), she’s proven that being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t get to dress up anymore. In fact, you can almost dress around it; make it your focal point. You already have that pregnancy glow so why not go all the way with a glow up in your style. Don’t be afraid to try on new things and experiment because you don’t deserve to have some time for yourself too. But please pass up on those sky-high stilettos if you can!