This year's Valentine's Day feels really different for everyone. 

Grand celebrations would have to wait, and the usual date night outfits are now coupled with protective equipment like face masks and face shields. Now we all need to take extra precaution when searching for the perfect Valentine’s venue because we don’t want to risk our health for a night out; some would even prefer to spend their special day at home. 

One might think, “I could probably salvage this day with the perfect gift.” But what is the perfect Valentine’s gift anyway? In crazy times like this, would we even care to prioritize something luxurious over something practical that could even help our health? 

Lucky for you, you can now stop worrying about the perfect Valentine’s present. Check out our last-minute guide!

UV Multifunctional Sterilizer

Spray-Up Sensor Alcohol Dispenser

Rainbow Visor Glasses

Copper Mask

Wearable Air Purifier